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Sunday, May 20th, 2012
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UPDATE!! – Was provided some very confidential information on things early this afternoon. Mums the word on just what it is – but if everything comes together as expected, this would be hands down, with out a doubt – OUTSTANDING.

I have no idea how you anticipate really good news – and I truly don’t care if you simply cross your fingers (and toes) or get down on you knees and Pray for God’s Will to be done. Whatever you do – you need to be doing it for YTB over the next few days.  All you need to focus on and ask for is that what’s in the works right now comes together as planned.

More info to come – and we think later this week…stay tuned!!


We’ve been swimming along in YTB without much turmoil for quite some time. In fact, the news for nearly a year now has been pretty good. Come to think of it, aside from the devastating loss, and tragic passing of Kim Sorensen back in February – I personally can’t remember the last bad news we had to endure.

Last summer, we went back to the future – and our original name YTB with a new commitment and focus on our core product and service.

Ahhh, yes – “Travel”. Even with the loss of Kim, our core – our passion – our reason for being in this business in the first place was already secured with the partnership with First Travel Alliance.

While all this “good news” has been great – I look around – I see and hear what went on this past week, and realize that all this good news has made us soft.

A press release came out of the Home Office this week announcing a new Restructuring Program that included job cuts and a reduction in pay for key executives in an effort to strengthen the companies overall profitability. Instead of rehashing the announcement here, I’ll let you read it on your own. It’s fairly straight forward and to the point.

What I also noticed however, was how some of you decided to read other takes from social networks, news publications, and even blogs with considerable spin on the company announcement. My phone lit up and my e-mail was flooded with questions about what’s going on. From what I gather, very few read what the company actually had to say about this restructuring.

Also released this week on YTBPulse was an article from Coach surrounding his days as a minister and a story I’ve heard directly from him during my years with YTB, I haven’t talked to Coach about this, so I have no idea if this article was was planned or not as a lesson on how to handle what others are saying about this new restructuring program. Based on my experience with this company however, it’s no coincidence either way that these two articles are tied together in the same week.

When I read the Press Release from the company I knew that sharks would be swimming to speculate on YTB’s impending doom. Folks who have absolutely no clue about our model, our Founders or our people. It’s amazing how after all these years and all this time, some still can’t grasp or comprehend something as simple as Network Marketing. It ain’t rocket science – nor is it all that new.

Few simply can’t get past their own insecurity or misconceptions.

I’ve read and heard it all before. It’s nothing new. And while some are still attempting to tell anyone who will listen that this model isn’t sustainable or viable – I’m still here with a website that pays me for what I produce. (And so are you.)

I mean come on?! All this speculation – all this doom and gloom from these clowns has been going on since day one when I got involved in 2005. In 2007 when Royal Caribbean pulled the plug that was supposed to be it. Then is was Jerry Brown in 2008 who was going to shut us down. By the time Lisa Madigan got in the game in 2009 – that flavor of Kool Aid was so passé, very few had the desire to drink it.

Here we are in 2012 and it’s the same old nonsense from critics who see an opportunity or a last ditch effort to justify what they believe – stuck in their delusional fantasy that YTB just doesn’t work. Thing is – if that were true, we wouldn’t have a company or a program to promote today now would we?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been far too busy this week to read any of the various takes on this subject. (The Press Release was really all I read.) If I cared enough about what others had to say, I could have taken the time.

For me, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. You just know that little boy is blowin’ nothin’ but smoke up everyone’s “you know what”. There comes a time when you have to step back and realize they just don’t have a clue.

I’ve worked too hard – I’ve learned too much – and I’ve experienced enough not only in YTB but other business ventures to know who’s giving me the straight skinny and who’s absolutely full of themselves and their speculation.

And like Coach stated this week in his article, because my mind isn’t a garbage can, I simply choose not to even open the negative speculation about what could happen.

Instead, I choose to take our Board of Directors at their word. While it hurts, because you never want to see anyone lose their job – sometimes in business you have to make those tough choices in order to get through this difficult economy that just can’t seem to get on the right track.

There is hope however. You know as well as I do – you have an opportunity to create your own economy with your own business. While the majority of the country continues to struggle out of this recession – YOU have the power to make your own economy.

True, we’re bustin’ our tails right now – but that’s by choice. Opportunity is still there. Growth is still there. Success is still there. It’s entirely up to you to pick it up and run with it. Nobody is going to do that for you.

You need to focus on what “is” instead of what “isn’t”. Make up your mind to erase the negativity from your life. Eliminate what doesn’t feed or nourish you. That could include the media and the news, your social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and it could even include your own family who try to bully you into a different set of beliefs and values.

You don’t have to condemn them, you just avoid them for right now.

Granted, I’ve played the game too – and it made me miserable. It’s all too easy, and we all know misery loves company. What I continue to understand and see that if you eliminate all that’s negative in your life – no matter what it is or how much you’re attached to it – you soon realize how life begins to brighten and move in a direction more to your liking.

It’s much like the political landscape right now. Like free contraception, gay marriage, or what someone did back in high school and yes, even these job losses at the Home Office – they’re nothing but distractions to take our eye off the ball. The issue here is the economy and our profitability as a company and a country. Until we all (or enough of us anyway) focus on and tackle the real issues here we’re all going to fall deeper into this hole that sucks the life out of all of us.

What this company and our Country needs right now are Leaders who will make the tough choices, do the right things, tackle the tough issues, and eliminate the negativity from the playing field.

The best way to help in doing that is by doing it yourself.

There’s no way of telling right now if it will save the Country or turn the YTB Company to profitability – but I will tell you this:

No matter what happens, THIS family is safe and secure with the opportunities and businesses we’re running to drive our own economy – and we’ll be just fine.

That my friend is real freedom and real security.

It’s not always easy – it’s not always possible – but the more negativity you can eliminate from your life the more you realize how good and plentiful the opportunities in your life really are. Ultimately, the road leads you to true freedom and happiness.

Honestly, this news for us this week was nothing more than a blip. I’m actually surprised that after all this time it isn’t for more of the people who’ve been calling and e-mailing me this week. Isn’t it time for you to take the negativity and ciaos critics create about our company and place THAT in the garbage can?

By this late stage in the game, it really is the only alternative if you truly want to succeed.


YTB Offers Students Opportunity To Learn Travel

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
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I found a really a really nice article in Travel Weekly this weekend that highlights YTB and our Passport to Giving program.

If you don’t know about Passport to Giving, it’s one of the finest programs I’ve seen. Coach and YTB designed it for non-profits to help raise money by turning the non-profit members vacations into donations. I was actually trained in this program back in 2005 before I was trained as an RTA.

YTB donates a booking engine to the non-profit or association a custom site with their own logo free of charge, which includes waiving the monthly fee. Members of the association then turn to the non-profits travel web site to book travel and the commissions earned are paid to the association just like they are to the RTA’s, but tax free.

No strings, no catch, just our way to give back to the community by offering something totally unique to help raise money for non-profits.

According to the Travel Weekly article, the National Academy Foundation is operating an online travel agency for Freshman and Sophomores at Rochester’s East High using our Passport to Giving program and YTB Booking Engine to train students with real world examples and booking travel for real customers. Classes help prepare the students of East High for a potential carrier in the Travel Industry.

You can view their site at (Note: the YTB logo is replaced with’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism logo.)

Now in it’s second year, the students earned about $2500 in commissions their first year. The facilitator of the program, Jim Spawton, is looking to boost that number to about $10,000 by asking the faculty, students’ families and local businesses for bookings that earn real commissions for the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. The commissions earned help pay for other student programs, all while teaching students what it’s like to run a real travel business.

East High is one of the 78 U.S. high schools with hospitality and tourism academies that are overseen by the National Academy Foundation.

Other big name companies such as Marriott and PepsiCo are also helping students of the academy. PepsiCo gave $7,000 to six graduates to further their studies, while Marriott offers internships to students to help them attain real world experience inside their hotels. A picture posted in the Travel Weekly article also has students working with the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

I applaud both YTB and the National Academy Foundation for offering these programs to our future business men and woman.

While researching this article, I found a great “about us” video from the website that highlights this important non-profit and how it’s changing our youth for the better. A great example can be found at about the 3 minute mark with a young lady named Nathsha who apparently started as an intern with Marriott and is now an Assistant Controller at the Bethesda Marriott Suites.


UPDATE: Apparently, the constipation over YTB continues for one Anti-YTB Zealot. It’s been a long time since I’ve linked to anything this moron has written, but this one is just too classic to pass up.

Yes, John Frenaye has also found the Travel Weekly article, only to react with his own demonic twist and spin that no doubt matches all the classic myths, misrepresentations, and false claims we’ve come to know, but not quite love about this ignorant and constipated know-it-all.

I don’t know about you – but I’d love to take him up on his bet regarding the Facilitator being a member of YTB. Unfortunately,  we’ve learned John never delivers (just like he never properly researches) when shown point blank that he’s once again on loosing end of such unsubstantiated speculation and claims.

John, maybe the reason they didn’t pick you or any other “agency” is because you can’t get past your own dysfunctional behavior and limiting beliefs. Hell, you don’t even know the difference between a FAM and an internship. (Or who sponsors the internship you ignorant putz.)

Instead of being privileged like you were growing up – maybe a program like NAF could have shown you how the real world operates to provide you with the proper skill set to cope with life’s most basic lessons. Guys like me valued opportunities like this no matter who offered the tools or the opportunity. The internship I did with Pittsburgh’s number one radio station after college was invaluable to me back in the day.

After four years of blathering like a raving lunatic about MLM and YTB – it’s apparent that the travel industry desperately needs some fresh minds and faces that are capable of working instead of spiting at people and companies they don’t agree with, don’t like, and clearly are unwilling to accept as part of the solution.



Coach’s Way

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
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Back from vacation and into the full swing of life once again. As I get older and our kids grow, I appreciate the family time we spend together more and more. My sister’s youngest son graduated High School last week – so most of the family was together for his milestone. He’s also a Baseball State Champion which was won the day we arrived in Virginia.

I was talking with her three boys about how much their Coaches have meant to them over the years playing sports. How they not only taught them how to play the sports they participated in, but lessons learned in sports were woven into life. I’ve known Coach’s like that myself while playing organized sports.

The last sports Coach I had was for golf. I swear, I had every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to tell me how I should hit the ball and play the game. Thing is, none of them were much better than I was. It wasn’t until I actually started working with a Golf Pro that my game got better. I spent years as just another golf hack – and when I picked up a Coach, I worked my way down to a 5 handicap – and the game as a result became much more enjoyable.

It’s amazing how we think nothing of being coached for baseball, golf, or any other organized sport – but when it comes to life most of us will take advice from anyone that offers. Problem is, our circle of influence is quite often no better off than we are. (Sometimes even worse off.) I think I’ve always known this was true, but I don’t think it really sunk in until I went to a T. Harv Ecker Seminar several years ago.

It was so obvious: You can’t expect to learn and grow from anyone who hasn’t already accomplished it themselves.

I have to be honest. In the early years of YTB, I built a team and made it to Coach’s Corner via a Coach. While my love of travel and the passion I had naturally attracted people to me – I was not equipped at the time to build a business. My Business Coach at the time had never been involved in MLM himself, but he was a very successful business mind who worked with several Fortune 500 companies.

It was during that time that I saw and experienced firsthand that Network Marketing was really no different than any other business. The exact same principles applied to both.

Once I got to Coach’s Corner, I actually knew a lot of people who were trying to make it and couldn’t seem to get over the hump. They craved the mentorship and insight that someone like Coach had to offer. But they were just like me – they didn’t have the mindset or the tools necessary to achieve this goal without the proper guidance of a Coach.

While all this was announced last week while I was on vacation – I’m pleased to report that this “problem” has been corrected. For those of you who couldn’t get on the call a week ago or requested the information again, here’s a quick recap of what went down last week:

Introducing “Coach’s Way” – The 2020 Vision for your Life!

The program that many of you have been looking forward to has come to fruition! Coach’s Vision for teaching and helping others find success in life begins this August, and you can register now for a special price. Simply click the ad for “Coach’s Way” in your Rep Back Office. It’s $50 for the month of August, (which is actually a real DEAL if you look into other Coaching and Mentoring programs out there) and if you get three personally sponsored participants to join, too, you’re not paying next month for Coach’s Way. You simply don’t pay for every month you have at least three active participants in the program. (And you better believe Coach will teach you how to reach that level.)

Don’t wait to register, however. The price for this program will go up to $100 at Convention, so join now if you’re at least thinking about it. There are additional components to this program that you’ll receive, but Coach and Scott are saving that for the Convention in July. (They GUARANTEE you’ll love what you hear.)

The first mentoring session from Coach will be held LIVE on July 28 at the 2011 Convention, and only those in Coach’s Way will be able to attend. Details regarding location information and time will be announced closer to the event. Please Note: The first mentoring session is open to everyone in Coach’s Way, but Convention activities do require a 2011 Convention admission ticket.

Remember – if you want to be in Coach’s Corner or become a Director in this company – you need to listen and learn from those who have actually done it. This nonsense of listening to those who have never been there before simply doesn’t cut it – or you’d be there by now.

If you’re serious about getting out of the rat race and achieving the time and financial freedom you’ve always wanted – you need to hook up with a Coach – someone who can teach and guide you on how to do it.

Also, I mentioned what a deal this program is. I’ve seen (and actually spent personally) thousands on Coaching programs. By no means am I knocking these other programs. I credit my Business Coach I worked with in part for my rise to Coach’s Corner several years ago. Sure – he had a limited knowledge of MLM but he did know Business and that’s what Network Marketing actually is – a viable business model.

Just like my golf  game – a Coach was the best  investment  I could have made to reach new levels that I truly wanted but could never achieve. If you’re  not where you want to be right now – and actually think you should be there  by now, somethings got to change. If you continue doing the same old – same old, you’ll continue to get the same results.

If you’re  way isn’t working – you need to try Coach’s Way.



ZamZuu launches ZamZuu Services

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
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We heard about this back at Convention last month, and it’s arrived on our ZamZuu sites.

ZamZuu Services.

We mentioned a couple of the new services less than a month ago – right after Convention. Promoting how valuable these products are was fairly easy when the subject matter is family safety and personal identity.

If your thinking that these services are just another product offering or market that YTB has recently decided to get into – think again. Those of us who’ve been around for a while have heard Coach talk about this market for quite some time. If you recall, he made his fortune as a Rep with a company called A.L. Williams. (Now Primerica.)

A.L. Williams set out to transform the life insurance industry. They originated the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” philosophy which encourages families to purchase affordable term life insurance so they can get the protection they need at a price they can afford and have more money to invest in their family’s future.

Today the Primerica generates $80 billion in life insurance annually.

These types of services not only work well in our industry, A.L. Williams did more business than all other traditional models COMBINED during it’s height.

ZamZuu Serivces are state-of-the-art services and products that insure, educate, and protect you and your family’s current and future well being. Just look for the ZamZuu Services ad to start shopping. (It’s the second store in the middle of the page.) It’s the new home of ZamZuu Insurance plus great new products like EduNation, KidZafe and more.

It’s a whole new product offering adding even more value as a one stop shop. Check it out today!


YTB Restructures Founder/Executive Compensation

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
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Do you remember the outrage a year and a half ago when the CEOs of Ford, Chrysler, and GM flew to Washington, D.C. in private jets to ask for $25 billion in taxpayer money to avoid bankruptcy? Not that selling off private jets would have covered the $25 billion these guys were asking for – but it would have been a nice start.

It’s unfortunate that we see this kind of arrogance and greed in the Corporate world. Millions of people were laid off from thousands of companies while big wigs like these CEO’s live in the lap of luxury. You saw very little about any CEO taking a pay cut during the turmoil this country went through during the latter part of 2008 and 2009. Instead, they cut out the jobs of average American’s while keeping their pay and perks intact.

Most CEO’s have a lucrative bonus plan in place – including the Founders of YTB. The difference between our Founders and the CEO’s of other companies is that Coach, Scott, and Kim’s bonus is based in part on the performance of the company. Some based on pay or salary, while another chunk is based on stock options. Unlike other CEO’s or companies (like the Big Three in Detroit) our three founders forfeited 355,000 shares in options each of the last two years because the company didn’t meet the performance goals they wrote down to achieve that would trigger each bonus.

In case your wondering – that’s called accountability.

While there were some riffs about the forfeiture of options from critics, I would have loved to see the outrage over actual shares being awarded. It’s one of those “damned if you do – damned if you don’t” scenarios we enjoy from Zealots who flip flop depending on how it furthers their own agenda.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, the fact is our Founders aren’t the type who take big pay days when the company isn’t performing as promised. The buck stops with them so to speak – which goes back to their AL Williams days as “Reps”. (Not to mention its just good business.)

To further illustrate our Founders desire to create a healthy, viable company they’ve restructured their compensation based on overall performance rather than acting like the fat and happy Executives we see in traditional corporate models. The company announced the new pay structure in a press release on Tuesday:

In order to ensure the Company continues its best practices related to executive compensation, YTB is transitioning to a performance-based incentive compensation program. Effective for the 2010 fiscal year, certain Company executives are entitled to incentive compensation if the Company achieves growth in the number of Business Owners at fiscal year end compared to the beginning of the fiscal year; if the Company meets or exceeds certain financial objectives established at the beginning of the fiscal year; or if the executives meet or exceed certain personal or departmental financial and budgetary objectives established at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Nothing like taking personal responsibility and holding yourself accountable for the overall health of your company now is there? If our Founders and Executives don’t perform to acceptable standards – they’re not paid that handsome bonus other CEO’s are paid. Instead they created an incentive to meet or exceed goals which could compensate them above and beyond their previous pay structure.

Because YTB is a public company obviously all this was filed with the SEC and you can find details of the new compensation package along with a breakdown of objectives that are now required from the Executive Team. Compensation now rides on and includes the growth of business owners (or IBC’s), cash flow and available cash on hand, bottom line earnings reported to stock holders, and other discretionary objectives for each department.

Based on the Press Release that was issued – and the terms of the new compensation that were filed with the SEC – simple logic would have you conclude that the Founders and Executives are at the very least willing to do their part for the overall health of the company.

That being said – not everyone who read the filing was able to comprehend or discern what went down. In a very comical and incredibly bizarre “Google Alert” – some jack ass laid claim that our Founders could be getting ready to resign after landing a sweetheart deal.

I’m not kidding – our self-proclaimed “YTB Expert” thinks you can quit (or resign) AND collect severance to boot. His focus – a two year deal that’s structured under the old compensation package that he claims will enable Coach, Scott and Kim to ride off into the sunset. While they haven’t resigned (yet) according to this dolt – we all need to be cautious of this severance stipulation.


For the record, the clause he didn’t “copy and paste” on his blog stated otherwise:

Accordingly, a beneficiary under no circumstances would receive any payment under the Program if he left YTB without good reason or was terminated for cause.

It’s not that a clause like this is really necessary. Can you imagine walking into the Boss’s office sitting yourself down and stating “I’d like to resign – what kind of severance can you offer me?”

You’d either be thrown out and most likely fired “with cause” (for being stupid) or suffer the brunt of company jokes for years to come. (Again – for being stupid.)

You might be wondering if this idiot wrote this out of desperation or due to sheer stupidity. While I’m certainly not a mind reader and I hate having words put in my mouth (like he does with me) I’m pretty certain that this zealot thinks we’re the suckers due to the growing number of YTB’ers (including myself) that make it into his “Dumbass Den”.

In his own arrogant and self-righteous way, our lack of intelligence can’t possibly uncover the obvious error because those in MLM aren’t smart enough. We’re beneath the almighty professionals who pick – poke – and pry at anything and everything our company does.

On the other hand: If you think Coach, Scott and Kim have even the slimmest chance of quitting and having the Board of Directors approve a single dime of the two year severance package that was written – you DO belong in a “Dumbass Den”.

Likewise, for those who are reading up on the internet about ZamZuu or YTB at this time – go back to Tuesday’s article and the statement that John is helping us weed out those that aren’t intelligent or responsible enough to uncover fact or truth. Seriously – If a big old red flag doesn’t come up warning you that nobody gets a severance package when they resign – how could they even be considered a viable prospect?

See my point?

Are his statements ridiculous, absurd, bizarre? Sure they are – that’s what we’ve all come to know, but not quite love about John. But trust me, there’s no way you’re going to convince an arrogant pompous ass like John Frenaye that he’s wrong. His ego is just too big and overpowering to allow anyone to knock any logic or sense in that brain of his. (That – or there’s just not enough room down there.)

At this point, the best you can do is smirk (or laugh out loud like I did) and be thankful and grateful that you’re not as desperate (or stupid) – nor are you likely to run into anyone who is because John’s pretty much got a lock on weeding out any bottom feeders for us.

Instead, turn it around and be thankful. If for nothing else – for ability to read and comprehend the English language.

Then you can move on and be thankful that our Founders are willing to do what it takes to provide a viable, profitable, and respectable business opportunity for those of us who see things for what they really are.


Let It Never Be Said…

Friday, February 5th, 2010
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That life is boring at YTB. ;-P

I apologize for not getting something out sooner – the kids had early release the last two days and we had projects planned. I also have a business to run and don’t have the vast amount of time in my profession that others apparently have. I have however been trying to sort out fact from fiction from various sources I know and trust via phone since the latest episode of “Days of YTB” has hit cyberspace.

Before we get started…I think it’s appropriate for the proper background music due the nature of what’s happened this week. For your listening pleasure, I’ve resurrected an oldie but goody that I’ve used before when there’s so much talk about YTB.


Apparently there was a mass exodus of wackos over the last 36 hours that have put out some pretty outrageous stuff. As usual, those of us who have a firm grasp on the situation are left to clean up the mess. Due to time restraints, I need to warn everyone that I have not read – but merely heard some of the rumors I’m about to squash. Therefore, please understand that some of what I might comment on – may not have ever been written in the vast space we call the internet – nor can I reference just who said it.

The following is a list of what I have heard and what I know to be true.

YTB’s CFO, John Clagg has resigned effective February 2nd. I’ve heard of various scenarios on how this came about. Some reasonable and some outlandish. The reasonable would consist of being burned out. With what the company has gone through since the California Law Suit was filed the day before the 2008 National Convention, and a new CEO who has a keen eye on the companies bottom line – it’s understandable that it would drain anyone.

Another reason I’ve heard is that John saw the writing on the wall – meaning, YTB isn’t going to make it.


One, the company has secured a $650,000 loan based on the expectant sale of the former home office located at One Country Club Drive. Which is odd – because it’s been widely publicized for years on various boards and blogs that YTB doesn’t have any assets to speak of. (Who knew?)

Two, it was announced on a company call yesterday, and corresponding documentation will be available to the field of some 300 $1000 Quick Start Bonuses will be in mailboxes across the country today. The ZamZuu e-commerce platform announced at the Coach’s Birthday Bash in early January has provided a much needed stimulus package for the field. When the field is making money, the company is making money. The enhanced commission structure enables the average person to attain a bonus, and that builds momentum.

You certainly don’t need to be a CPA to understand that cash flow isn’t the current problem at this point in time. (Still tight, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.)

An interesting observation from some time ago – I remember the exiting CFO being chastised by critics as “unqualified” for the position. It’s rather convenient that the ridicule and lack of qualifications are quickly tossed aside now that John has decided resign. I just love how folks can play both sides of the fence when a new position appears to benefit them. Happens with Directors too. All of the sudden these liars, scammers, and cheaters suddenly turn into Saints simply by leaving the company for another.

It would make any John Kerry supporter proud.

While there is a rumor of massive trading from our Directors due to this news, I’d hardly consider 29,300 shares massive. While John did resign on February 2nd, it was well after the closing bell on Tuesday. (3:00 Central time) I’ve never really understood just why this type of rumor persists with our Directors. I just chalk it up to ignorance and a way for critics to create more drama. Day traders have a ton more fun with this stock than any Director. Due to the timing of our CFO’s resignation and how suddenly (although not surprising) the resignation developed – nobody had any chance to benefit one way or another from this news. Based on the volume, between the verbal resignation and the release of the 8K – the numbers certainly don’t indicate insider knowledge.

Current CEO Robert Van Patten will fill in as interim CFO of the company until a replacement can be acquired. Mr. Van Patten is well equipped to fulfill the roll as CFO for YTB International, and has been in charge of much larger corporations in the past. His leadership is the largest reason why YTB has been able to acquire – all be it small – profits the last two quarters even with revenue down in 2009.

Another rumor floating around is that Ron Head, YTB’s Master Distributor has been terminated. While this may be the case after a thorough investigation – at present any word of termination is premature. Ron has I’m sorry to say been suspended due to possible cross recruiting.

If I’m getting e-mails and calls from every Tom, Dick, and Harry about the next “Big Thing” I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of carrots our Directors are seeing. How much greener the pastures are – how well everyone BUT YTB is doing in this economy – or all those “special positions” reserved for “true leaders” in the industry. I’ve seen and heard some real WHOPPERS in regards to rumors about what’s going on with YTB – including one I’ll mention later – that aren’t created by critics of MLM – but other MLM companies to lure people over to their company.

Attaining a Circle of Champion Director from YTB is a HUGE feather in the cap of any company because – as we all know – YTB created massive amounts of income for those who went to work. So much so, it caught everyone’s attention. Especially in an industry that understands and wants “recruiters”.

A personal note here – and this has nothing to do with Ron or any specific Director who has since left YTB for “greener pastures”. I have yet to hear of see any of YTB’s former Directors leave and actually stay with the next best thing they left YTB for. Several Directors that I know of have been with several different companies since leaving YTB and I can’t think of one (NOT ONE) who is currently better off today than they were the day they left YTB. Nor, with the exception of Corr, who just launched his new venture this week, is currently with the same company they moved on to.

That’s not to say they won’t be able to find another home. For some, I sincerely hope they do. It should be noted however that all of the fanfare up to this point has been nothing more than a passing fancy for every single Director who has left YTB for the next big thing.

Another very curious rumor floating around was that Coach, Scott and Kim were forming another MLM. Honestly, I just can’t wrap my head around this one. Critics, I could understand – they’ve always thought that our Founders would eventually call it quits. Some speculated retirement on some remote island with all our $50 checks in tow – while others speculated another industry entirely to rape and pillage. I’d expect that kind of stupidity from them.

It appears that rumor has also been squashed as Coach has been appointed the newest Master Distributor of…

Wait for it…


Sigh…Coach will be recruiting again and honestly, it’s what he does best. I realize that frustrates some, and I know the fears and phobias surrounding the word “recruiter”. People slap that word on me all the time – and truth be told – yes, I do recruit. I recruit for Carnival, Princess, Sandals, Collette, Delta, Air Tran, Holiday Inn, Avis, Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy, and YTB. (Among others, but you get the idea.) We all recruit in some form or fashion and I fail to see what the concern or deal is when it comes to word “recruit”.

I can only hope that at some point in time they come come to grips with their “issues”. But don’t expect me to own that type of stupidity and fear just because it makes someone angry or bitter. The heightened outbursts and emotions I see reflects more about them, then it ever will me.

In closing, for those of you in YTB for reasons only you have a right to decide and place judgment on – don’t lose your focus or the sight of your dreams. Many of you got into YTB to sell travel and/or e-commerce. Others have found a new spark in the e-commerce platform that has triggered bringing people into a very promising opportunity that like travel a couple years ago was attractive to the masses.

If you’re like me, you see all the deposits waiting to turn into cash when these vacations are consumed this summer. Like the company, you need to think long term and tighten up to stay in the game in order to capitalize on the deposits your sitting on. Others saw checks in the form of cash back this week for doing what you already do – shop. More of the same is coming on the 11th when the residuals for being a business owner are sent out not only for your own shopping but all those who shopped on your sites.

By the way you realize they too got cash back checks this week from their own shopping experience with ZamZuu right?

Call them up…ask them if they think this works.

I got to tell you, it’s a much better alternative than searching the internet right now, trying to get a feel from a bunch of cowards who don’t have the guts to put a real name behind what they plaster all over the internet or talk about on the phone.

Because I had another post scheduled for today, it’s been bumped to Monday. I think you’ll like it and it drives home why ZamZuu is right on mark and why big name companies are going to a model just like ours to sell their product or service. You don’t want to miss it!

Hope to see you again on Sunday in your e-mail box with this week’s wrap up and the Just Picture It Now Newsletter.


Coach moves into his 4th Quarter…

Friday, October 9th, 2009
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I always knew this day would come. I had no idea when or how it would evolve, but I knew it was coming. J. Lloyd Tomer, or “Coach” has handed over his Chairman of the Board title to his son, Scott Tomer so he can take some time to enjoy his “4th Quarter”. Coach will do what is true to his heart and what he does best: Mentoring the sales force through Coach’s Corner while increasing his efforts to the Company’s philanthropic division, Passport to Giving.

4thQuarterBookThat’s who Coach is. Those of use who know him, know how much he’s given back to the community. He’s been a teacher and mentor most of his life and it’s fitting that he moves into this phase of his life during his 4th Quarter. News of Coach handing over the reigns to his son Scott Tomer as Chairman of the Board and Robert Van Patten being names as CEO of YTB International came out today in an 8K filing.

After looking over some of the articles and news documented here, this move has been in the works for some time. We’ll review the changes and moves the last six months for you below to help you understand how well planned and thought out the new changes are. However, this has been something that was understood by Coach, Scott and Kim from the very beginning when YTB was founded back in February of 2001.

With Coach at the age of 75 and new book finally out, a Co-CEO who’s had 6 months to evaluate the company and it’s assets, the new Board not only in place, but with time under their belt so everyone could become acclimated, the timing was right to pull the trigger on this. The new changes also move key personnel into positions and talents they are best suited for.

From what I know of all the executives involved in the new changes announced today, virtually nothing about YTB as we know as TSO’s or Reps here in the field will change. Scott, Coach and Kim will still be around doing what they do best as Reps. (In fact, Coach will still be here in Atlanta in early November.) However, with YTB being publicly traded, YTB International now has a Chief Executive Officer and President in Robert Van Patten, who not only understands Wall Street, but from what I know, thrives in this atmosphere.

Back in April I wrote about Robert Van Patten, and actually had a chance to briefly thank him for all he’s done for the company while at this years Convention. Mr. Van Patten brings over 25 years of senior management experience to YTBI and was previously President of IMC Agribusiness, an $800 million dollar division of IMC Global. IMC was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company now has someone with the experience and temperament to deal the day to day issues of running a publicly traded company. While few have laid claims to the demise of YTB, with predictions of bankruptcy, we owe a tremendous amount of thanks and gratitude to Scott and Coach for stepping aside to allow Mr. Van Patten to make the hard choices and decisions he has over the last 6 months, but also owe the same to Mr. Van Patten for insight to make these difficult choices.

New Board Members Thomas Baker, Jack Humes, and Patricia Williams who were appointed the YTB’s Board of Directors in June also have vast experience in finance, accounting, entrepreneurial business development, and legal services to corporations and governmental bodies. Their new insight and experience brought to our Board also played a key role in the changes made to YTB.

To Coach, Scott and Kim’s credit – They not only understood that Mr. Van Patten was best suited for this new role – they allowed him to execute the changes necessary.

Make no mistake however. The move announced today by YTB and it’s Board we’re carefully thought out and planned by Coach, Scott, and Kim. If they didn’t believe this was the right move for the field and the company as whole, none of this would have happened. They’re Reps at heart. After a fight and successful settlement in place in California which not enabled YTB to continue doing business in the state, but kept our compensation plan in tact, there’s sufficient prove the Founders have held true to their heart.

By handing over the reigns to Mr. Van Patten to deal with the day to day operations of the company as CEO and President of YTB International, Scott moves over as CEO of YTB Marketing, and Coach is completely freed up to do what he loves – and that’s being with the field.

Key people in key positions – doing what they do best. What a concept!

It will be nice to have both Coach and Scott back here in the field. Coach will not only be doing a book tour with his new book “The Fourth Quarter”, but also has plans for 12 Day Tour to Israel and Jordan in April of 2010. (Check your Travel Portal for more details.)

All in all, it’s a great move for YTB, especially with the way this all this developed. This isn’t some band aid or hasty move that didn’t have input or thought from everyone involved. Not with the Board of Directors YTB now has. Gone are the “good ol’ boys” and “buddy system” and in with some very promising and talented executives. 

Congratulations to Scott, Kim and especially Coach for making this choice, and thank you for your ability to let go. It shows this Rep and TSO you really do care and have my best interest at heart.

And Coach – enjoy your 4th Quarter. ;-P