Thank You Scott Tomer

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Sorry I haven’t been around much guys. While business is going well, it’s been rather hectic and time consuming now that school is back in session.

I do however want to address the news which broke this week that left some “stunned”.

In case you haven’t heard, the company announced that our Founder Scott Tomer has resigned as Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of YTB International, Inc

On the surface, and for those who don’t know Scott as well as we do, this news comes with some questions.

If you’ve ever seen or heard Scott at one of the many company events or been on conference calls, you’ve heard him talk about being a “Rep” at heart. He’s said it for years, and I’ve personally heard him say just that since we joined the company in 2006.

That’s what he loves to do, and that’s what he’s really – really good at.

If you recall, Scott and the Company were thrown into a huge storm back in 2008 when the YTB was attacked with vicious law suits and Scott took the reigns as CEO of the company. His Leadership and guidance through that turbulent time was frankly – amazing. Like all good Leaders, I watched Scott grow both as an individual and a CEO during those years.

When Robert VanPatten came along and Scott handed the reigns over to him, it was a huge burden lifted off Scott’s shoulders. (I don’t think anyone was happier than Scott with that choice, honestly.) While Scott did what he had to do – at the same time, he simply didn’t like “running the company” as CEO. The position nor the operations end of the business wasn’t something he truly enjoyed doing.

Scott’s place was with the people – not stuck behind a desk crunching numbers or making executive decisions.

Now that the company is stable, and in the hands of qualified people like our Board of Directors and Andy Cauthen, it was a good time for Scott to simply step down and get back to what he truly loves to do.

He would have never be able to make that choice if he truly didn’t feel that way – that I can guarantee. He loves this company and the people involved too much not to.

I can’t say for sure, but I think you’ll continue to see Scott around – but in a role more prone to what he truly loves doing. He is after all still a Founder of YTB and still a “Rep” at heart.

Everyone agrees that there were no hard feelings, and no bridges burned with anyone. It was simply time for him to take a step back from the “Corporate Life” and get back to being what he truly loves – being a “Rep”.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Scott for his vision, his leadership, and his passion in not only keeping this massive ship afloat, but leading our company with over a decade of service to our fine company we call YTB.


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