Tax Freedom Day

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So another tax day is upon us. Most consider a day like today, “Tax Freedom Day” because today is the day people pay their taxes for the prior year.

I’m not talking about today – “Tax Day”. What I’m talking about is tomorrow – April 17th. That’s officially “Tax Freedom Day“.

Tax Freedom Day is – and unless we do a massive overhaul in the way Government spends our money, and this convoluted tax code we have, it will remain – a moving target. For example, this years Tax Freedom Day is 4 days later this year due to higher federal income and corporate tax collections.

On average, everyone works the first 107 days of this year, just to pay their taxes for last year. After that, the money you earn is all yours.

It could be worse. If the Government needed to raise enough to close the budget deficit for last year —an additional $1.014 trillion for 2011—Tax Freedom Day would come on May 14 – almost a month later. (Instead – the Government in it’s infinite wisdom decides to borrow that money from China.)

And don’t kid yourself about this “Buffet Rule” that’s on the docket today. That’s only going to cover 1.5% of last years deficit spending. (About 4 days of Government spending.) Likewise, the “Buffet Rule” isn’t going after “income tax” – but “Capital Gains” tax. Increasing the rate on Capital Gains from investments in the country will actually slow down the already dismal economic growth rate we have right now.

Until our Government gets their head out of their “you know what” – there are some very sound – and very legal ways of taking a stand and keeping yourself economically sound and while Washington attempts to get their act together.

That is – unless you approve of all this wasteful spending and entitlements that are currently being doled out.

There are, literally, thousands of dollars worth of 100% legal deductions for home based businesses. Most people don’t even know what they are. If you’re one of them, it’s okay, I’ve run into hundreds of people who don’t! Truth is, way too many people, including some home business owners, continually pay WAY more than they should in taxes. That’s why I’ve recommended two things for the last five or six years. One, is a good tax professional who actually knows what they’re doing. (You’d be amazed at the one’s who don’t.) And two, Dr. Ron Mueller’s book explaining home based business deductions and how to qualify for them titled, “Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!

It is the only plain English guide to home based business tax savings.

I cannot overemphasize how important it is for EVERY home business owner to have this information.

All of us are bombarded every day with people trying to get us to spend our money with them. I’ve also seen Zealots who will try to tell you that it’s all a big lie. (As if they actually knew what they were even talking about.) The difference here is that if you follow Ron’s guidance, it’s going to SAVE you money. No matter how much you spend on your chosen services or products, you will end up saving multiple times the amount that you spent, and Ron guarantees it.

The more knowledgeable you are about the tax law, the more money you save, it’s that simple.

In addition, you need a tax professional that actually knows what they’re doing. Ron has you covered with that too. If the tax preparer you work with is not an expert in home-business tax-law, you may be overpaying your taxes by thousands! Ron’s the only guy I know that actually recommends a qualified tax professional that understands the current tax laws for you. (Others can be hit or miss quite honestly.) They’ve all been certified in Ron’s course, and know exactly how to help you out.

If you’re not doing this, it’s costing you money – I can promise you that.

So if tax time always seems to stress you out – take our advice and get yourself into a home based business and get Ron’s book. It’s safe, it’s completely legal, and it’s the best way we know to keep more of the money you actually make.


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